Api based accessory

Monitor errors, tasks and delays

Drive the process based on real-time data

Standalone status lamp

Focus on what's important

Pixel will always remind

Api based intelligence

See the status

Predict and drive the process based on data

Multicolour WIFI light

Monitor your status

Now you can make a decision based on the status

Visual management at your glance

The StatePixel light is a decorative and functional light appliance that can be used to display a status of a connected device, system or process at current period of time. The light cube consists of a cube of pixelated LEDs that can be individually controlled to create different patterns or colors.

Make a decision based on the real-time data/status

Depending on different usecases, the light cube can be used as a visual notification for a variety of events, such as a new message, a reminder, or an error. In other consumer use-cases it can be used as an indicator of different market changes (e.g. electricity or stock market price indicator for chosen stocks)

The purpose of the product is as simple as the product itself - to show if chosen process, step or system is functioning in accordance to expected plan. Introduction of just a few color indicators helps users to immediately understand the current state without a need for any detailed explanation

PIXEL will show your status

StatePIXEL is a standalone WIFI connectable RGB status indicator that helps to reduce unwanted interruptions, distractions and/or allows to see real-time system status.

Status cube enables performance-oriented companies to control workplace disruptions, view desired or unwanted statuses in a timely manner, and manage workflow for superior results.

With the status lamp you can monitor your time tracking system status, website, manufactoring KPIs, SLAs, online store orders or monitor status of any system, which is is important according to your self-defined criteria.

Some of use cases

Shopify integration

SHOPIFY orders

You will always be reminded that you have an outstanding/unfulfilled order

Electrum electricity prices

Electricity prices

The StatePIXEL cube with it’s colors indicates different daily electricity price levels

Harves timesheet

HarvestAPP Timesheet status

StatePIXEL will remind you of your work or task status

website status

Website status

In a simple manner, you can monitor the homepage and its status, for example 400 or 500 errors


3D printer events

You will no longer have to wait and look at the printer to know that an error has occurred, just connect your OctoPrint to StatePIXEL


Webhooks and API integration

Technical people can specify the StatePIXEL color in a simple way without complicated development

How it works?

The StatePIXEL lamp is an RGB LED lamp with a built-in controller.

The lamp is controlled via an API, allowing it to be integrated into a variety of systems.

Connect to StatePIXEL via WIFI.
Specify StatePIXEL connection to your WIFI.
Connect to my.statepixel.com and setup/define your rules.

Technical Specifications

Connection WiFi
Dimensions 2.76 in/7.0 cm (L) x 2.72 in/6.9 cm (W) x 2.83 in/7.2 cm (H)
Weight 3 oz/85 g
Power 5v USB powered
Light 12 RGB LEDs
Colors Unlit, green, yellow, red, purple, white (presence colors) - Additional color options for customization
Consumption rated up to 2000mA.....USB powered
Accessories Micro-USB with 39in/1 m white cable

€ 59.00 € 112.00


Frequently Asked Questions

YES. StatePIXEL is not collecting any personal data, it just displays different colors depending on your set criteria.

Yes, it is possible, it just requires changes in the software, which we can provide.

Depending on the quantity required, production time can take up to 3 weeks. And standard shipping takes 5-9 working days. So it means, that delivery could be up to 35 working days.

Just contact us and together we will find the best option how to return the purchased product.

Within EU all shipping costs (custom taxes and other costs) are already included in the StatePixel price . Outside of EU customs clearance costs may apply.

We will send you the order tracking number and instructions when your order is shipped. You can only track your order once it has been shipped.

Yes, it is possible - StatePixel is an API based platform. You can use Zapier integration system.

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